Managing today’s high-tech, complex residential, industrial and commercial properties is no longer simply a matter of ordering supplies and answering tenant complaints. To the challenge, Accredited Property Management (APM) team brings unmatched experience and the diverse expertise of our professional staff.

Most of all, APM protects your property investment the “old fashioned way” – by being there. Maintaining a constant presence on the site ensures that potential problems can be anticipated and prevented before they arise.

The Comprehensive Property Management Services of APM include:

Using our in-house computerized systems, we prepare clear, comprehensive monthly reports detailing all property income and expenses.

APM experts will review existing policies and recommend ways to increase the value of your coverage.

We will competitively bid services to achieve the best pricing and service for your property. We will then oversee all service contract personnel to ensure that contract requirements are met.

To minimize costly repairs, we implement full preventive maintenance schedules, maintain continual contact with tenants and monitor the performance of on-site personnel.

Emergency Response
Problems can be immediately addressed whenever they arise, via our 24-hour emergency number.

Capital Projects
APM personnel apply their extensive construction background to expertly oversee our clients’ major capital improvements. Our specialists are with you every step of the way; from evaluating the scope of work, to bidding out the job, to suitable contractors, to ensure competitive pricing, to executing a detailed contract to protect against cost overruns to monitoring the ultimate work, to assure it is executed professionally and to specifications